Luxury Classic Villa Design تصميم فيلا كلاسيك فخمة

Full architectural, engineering and interior design services for a residential villa

Scope of Work: Architectural design Floor Plans, elevations, sections, 3D exterior shots. Interior design Furniture plans, reflected ceiling plans, floor pattern plans, details for each room including plan and interior elevations, material specification and 3D interior shots. Structural design Foundation, columns, reinforced plans for slabs, fence, guard rooms and general details. Electrical design Power, lighting, smart home and low current plans. Mechanical design Water supply, drainage, central air condition. Landscape design Softscape, hardscape, swimming pool, irrigation, site lighting and fountains.

Design Stages

The below information outlines both the methodology and scope for Building Design allowing the Client to see the broad vision of the types of documents to be delivered by Tasamim Online and the timing of the documentation.

The design team will provide a weekly update to the Client every Sunday in pdf format. We recommend weekly conferences to handle and record client comments and preferences to ensure the project remains on the right track.

1. Concept Design

Tasamim online design team will create two conceptual design alternatives based on data provided by the client and to have a conference call to discuss the client feedback and comments.


Conceptual design softcopy PDF file contains:

  • Project brief.
  • Space program.
  • Two design alternative colored plans showing furniture design.
  • External 3D perspective showing main façade for each alternative.
  • Interior design mood board report.
  • Landscape mood board report.

Time Frame

2 Weeks– Submitting weekly progress each Sunday.

2. Design Development

Tasamim online will consider the client comments from previous design stage and develop it for one design alternative, considering structural, MEP, interior design systems.


Design Development design report softcopy PDF file contains:

  • Architectural main drawings (plan, section, elevations).
  • Final external 3D perspectives.
  • Interior design perspectives for main spaces (Men Majlis, Women salon, Main Dinning, Living room, Master bedroom, others bedrooms).
  • Landscape design and suggested material (softscape & hardscape).
  • Technical design criteria report for Engineering Systems.

Time Frame

4 Weeks– Submitting weekly progress each Sunday.




3. Final Drawings (100 Sheets)


The final drawings contain final & details drawings as per the following:

Architecture (20 Sheets)

  • Floor plans.
  • Elevations.
  • Sections.
  • Doors & windows schedules.
  • Stair details, miscellaneous details.

Interior Design (30 Sheets)

  • General plans for: floor plans, reflected ceiling plan, floor pattern & furniture plans.
  • Enlarge plans with interior elevations for main spaces (max of 13 spaces)
  • Details (10 sheets)
  • Schedules: finishing, doors, furniture, accessories, curtain, plumbing fixtures (max 10 sheets)
  • Final Perspectives (max 30)
  • Finishing report with materials, color codes, lighting…etc.

Structural (10 Sheets)

  • Columns & grids.
  • Foundation plans.
  • Slab dimension plans.
  • Slab reinforcement plans.
  • Details & schedules

Electrical (10 Sheets)

  • Power plans.
  • Lighting plans.
  • Single line diagram & risers.
  • Details

Mechanical (15 Sheets)

  • Pluming Plans (supply & drainage).
  • HVAC Plans.
  • Details (4 sheets max).

Landscape (15 Sheets)

  • Softscape plan.
  • Hardscape plan.
  • Irrigation plan.
  • Lighting plan.
  • Details

Time Frame

8 Weeks – submitting weekly progress each Sunday.

4. Bill of Quantities (BOQ)


Bill of quantities - 16 Divisions (CSI) contains items discerptions and quantities.

Time Frame

Two weeks.

تصميم معمارى، هندسي كامل وتصميم داخلي لفيلا سكنية حتى ٨٠٠م٢
مرحلتين تصميم.

Luxury Classic Villa Design تصميم فيلا كلاسيك فخمة

Design Stage مراحل التصميم


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